We had our Dr. appointment today and everything still looks good.  Since we are now past our due date they did a non stress test.  This is just them monitoring the baby’s heartrate and contractions over a period of time.  These both looked perfect!  I am now dialated to 2cm, so that’s a little progress.  We scheduled to have me induced on Thursday evening at 6pm if I do not go into labor before.  Our Dr. does not like to let mom’s go more than a week over their due that, so this is a normal practice.  We would have gone in tonight, but they could not schedule it.  Therefor, Thursday was the first available time when our Dr was on call.  They estimate labor will be about 12 hours, so she will probably arrive sometime on Friday the 15th.  We are excited to have an end date, but still hoping that she comes before.  Tonight we are taking my parents to The Grizzlies (AAA baseball team) game, so maybe that will put me into labor.  =)  We will keep you posted.


Well, my due date was May 9th and today is May 11th…I’m still pregnant!!  So, what does one do on the day that their baby is suppose to come into this world.  Here is what I did.  Paul and I walked to Uncle Harry’s for a late breakfast and that started some pretty strong contractions which was exciting.  Then, we had a lazy afternoon complete with a nap.  When I woke up around 4pm I started having more contractions that continued throughout the evening as we went to church and ate dinner.  We went for walk after dinner and decided that the contractions were close enough together and continuous enough that we should go it.  So, we headed to the hospital with high hopes.  When we got there they checked us in, but after checking and monitoring me they decided to send me home.  I was only dialated to 1cm, so they said I was just in early labor.  AARRRRGGGG!!!!  

Since then we’ve been trying to keep busy and not think about it.  On mother’s day we drove up and spent the evening with Paul’s parents.  It was fun to be with both Mom’s, not something I always get.  This morning we took a long walk and then drove up to Shaver Lake.  I loved getting to sit on the dock and put my feet in the water.  It was good medicine for me.  

I’ve been trying to trust in God’s timing, but it’s getting very difficult and my parents time here gets shorter and shorter.  My Mom snapped this picture and captioned it well so I will just leave it at that.


He leads me beside still waters…


Since I last updated I’ve finished working, had the flu, had a Dr appointment, and my parents have arrived.  I planned on Friday, May 1st being my last day of work.  I’d have a couple days off before my parents arrived on Tuesday evening.  However, Wednesday the 29 ended up being my last day due to the fact that I came down with a pretty nasty stomach flu.  I woke up at 3 am and kept throwing up every two hours until 9am (that’s four times!) when we called the Dr.  Since I had a low fever, they had me come in to check.  Everything was fine, just the usual stomach flu (not the swine flu).  They gave us some medicine to stop the naseaua which helped a ton.  I pretty much slept for the next two days. Here is the most recent pic.  I’m feeling pretty large and can’t really find anything comfortable to wear anymore.


We had a Dr. appointment on Tuesday and things are moving along.  I’m dialated to a “solid 1” as my Dr. said.  She seemed to think that I would have her right around my due date and not to worry about my parents missing it.  We are getting so excited for her to come out into the world and meet us.  I’m getting more and more uncomfortable, but trying to be patient for her to come when she’s ready.  It wouldn’t be such a big deal if my parents were not here for the birth and could only stay until the 18th.  At this point Mom and I got pedi’s, did some baby shopping, and we’ve all gone out to Chevy’s (my family’s favorite) so we have nothing left to do but wait for her to come.  Sometimes I feel like she is never gonna come, the whole thing is pretty sureal.  Anyway, I’m enjoying the time with my parents and loving having them here.  My Mom finished the rag quilt and I love it!  I’m so excited with how it turned out and really excited that she got it finished.  She brought and bought a few other things as well, so that’s fun.  =) Thanks Mom!!


Hopefully, next time I post will be with a photo of our little lady.

I have not had too many pregnancy cravings, but there have been some things I’ve enjoyed more than others. This is my current favorite…the sweet Oreo milkshake from anywhere is the best things for the heartburn and the salty corn chips from Trader Joes just hit the spot!

Click on the link below to add your guess for when our little girl will come into the world.  You don’t have to register.  It’s really easy!


We are so blessed!!  March was a busy month mostly because it was filled with baby showers.  We have such amazing friends and everyone wanted to throw us a shower, so we obliged.  =)  Each was so unique and perfect it it’s own way.  We were reminded of how blessed we are with these friendships and are just so thankful.  One shower everyone brought bibs, another was diapers, and yet another was books to start a children’s library.  We were completely showered with everything we need for the baby and more.  Here are a few pictures…

Thanks to each and everyone of you who were involved, helped, attended, and so much more.  We love you all!

It’s been a few weeks, but I wanted to post a few pics from my birthday weekend.  

The weekend started with a surprise party compliments on the 3 year old class as the preschool.  This is the sign they made me.  So cute!


Next, was a game night with fun friends from church:


Our amazing friends, The Fosters, also came to town and we had fun hanging out and laughing with them.  Erica is also pregnant and due in September.


On Sunday the Fosters and Mundys joined us for lunch at the DogHouse grill when we took a visiting band out to lunch.  These are the ladies:


We finished off the weekend with a relaxing evening at home complete with a nap, frozen pizza for dinner, ice cream, and a movie.  Plus, Paul being the amazing husband that he is, surprised me with tickets to see Sugarland and Keith Urban this summer.  Sweet!!!  What a great weekend!  Thanks to everyone to was a part of it!

Ok, so we are officially 38 weeks pregnant, and I’ve gotten a little behind on my updates.  I will try to catch you up.  We are going to the Dr every week now, so that is fun.  It’s fun to hear how she is growing and changing.  They check how far I’ve dilated and if the baby has dropped.  As of the last appointment neither of these have happened.  So, we are just waiting for her to be ready to come out.  I’m feeling more uncomfortable and more pressure, but I guess that is to be expected when you’re carrying a child.  I keep thinking it might mean something relating to labor, but who knows.  =)  The baby room is ready, we have our stroller and car seat all set up and ready, the clothes and blankets are washed, and we are getting the house cleaned.  We are excited to meet our new little one.  Here are a few other symptoms, stories, highlights, and more from the past few weeks.

-My ankles have continued to swell and get more and more disgusting.  The Dr check them every week, but since my blood pressure and protein in my urine are fine, she is not concerned.


-Since my birthday weekend my right hand started to go numb at night.  Now, it is staying numb and achey all day.  Not fun!

-Heartburn continues, but milkshakes really help.  =)

-I’m going to the bathroom all the time.

-April 15th I had to take my wedding rings off and start wearing them around my neck.  This was a sad day.  It feels so strange to not have them on.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks.

34 Weeks:


36 Weeks:


I’m proud to say that I am one of them, a PW (Pastor’s Wife).  There are plenty of ups and dows to the postion, but mostly I love it.  I saw this video on Wittaker Woman’s Blog and couldn’t resist.  I must say, that my husband doesn’t really speak of me on stage or use illustrations of me, which is great.  Even so, many times you feel like you are constantly in the spotlight as a PW.  Does anyone agree?  In any case, check out this video.

We hve started having doctor appointments every 2 week now, so we went to the doctor again on Tuesday. Everything looks good for both of us. The checked bloodpressure, urine, weight, measured uterus, and listened to babie’s heartbeat. All is right on track! My ankles have started to swell over the last couple weeks, so that is pretty gross. I attached a photo that really doesn’t do it justice. It’s not too painful yet, just annoying and hard to fit into shoes. I just might have to buy a new pair :). The doctor looked at them and wasn’t worried, no fear of preeclampsia right now. We got to meet our actual doctor for the first time and really like her. I hope she will deliver, but the xhances are not good.

I’m also starting to be more uncomfortable with the bowling ball attached to my stomach. It’s harder to get up and down off the floor or chair, and a little harder to breath at times. I’m loving that she is moving around a ton! Its not just little flutters either, simetimes is can even see it. She especially likes to put her foot up in my ribs when I’m sitting down. It’s so amazing to feel her in there. She’s only had hiccups once, and moves the most in the evening.

We have completed 3 of the 6 sessions of our birthing class. It is going well, and we are learning a lot. We had mixed thoughts about taking it, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to get more educated. It has been pretty entertaining and so stereotypical of any birthing class we’ve seen in the movies. There are 6 couples that are totally different and would never be in the same room otherwise combined with a teacher who is really perky and talks in this sweet voice. The best part is the end of every session when she turns off the lights and we do some kind of relaxation exercise. We watched two bith videos and that may have been tmi, but oh well. Next on the list is nursing and infant care classes. It’s fun going to the classes together and great conversation starters for us. That’s all I have for now, more to come I’m sure 🙂

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